Eyelash Extensions

Every girl wants a full and fluffy set of eyelashes. Thats why we slave every morning globbing on a thick paste of mascara, trying to get that perfect feather or fiddle with glue and fake eyelashes.  The eyes are our windows to our soul and our main facial focal point, so why not make them have a lasting, impactful impression.

Enter our world of Eyelash Artistry. 


I like to refer to it as an art, as I the artist, meticulously sculpting each individual lash to accentuate its length and volume to perfectly match each individual's face contour.  When finished, I revel in joy with the transformation, as if mother nature had bestowed you with lush, natural looking lashes you had dreamed of.  Now, gone are the mornings of slaving away and nightly cleansing rituals,  leaving you with lashes that enhance your natural beauty.


Limited Time Revival Special


Regular Price is $150.00

Brighten your smile instantly!!

This is a 1 hour in office teeth whitening done by a trained professional.  *Results will vary on every client and multiple sessions may be required.

teeth revival special.png

Eyelash Extensions Service

Fun and Fast Sets 

 These sets are for the clients who want a temporary enhancement for a special event and don't want the commitment of the monthly upkeep.

$99 Classic    Set 

40-60 Lashes per eye  (1 hour)

$120 Hybrid    Set 

40-60 A marriage of individual and fans per eye  (1 hour)

 $145 Volume  Set 

40-60 Fans per eye (1 hour)

A fun and fast way to add a little pop for that special event,  party, wedding or just because you deserve it!  

- Summer Specials -

Full  Sets  by Shawna

 100-120 Fans per eye (2-3    hours)

 $170   Classic Full Set /  $65+  Relash

$199      Hybrid Full Set/ $75+ Relash

$249     Volume Full Set/ $85+ Relash 

A luxurious full set of lashes for the ladies that desire the convenience of 24/7 beautiful lashes! 


Full SetUnlimited Lashes Per Eye, 100% coverage

 Classic ..... $195.00​   

{ One extension on one natural lash (Up to 2.5 hours)}

 Volume ..... $295.00 

  {A fan of lashes ( 2D-5D) on one natural lash (Up to 3.5 hours)}

Hybrid ...... $250.00 

{A mix of classic & volume extensions (Up to 3 hours)}

 Mega Volume ..... $395.00 

{A Bouquet of lashes (6D-16D), (Up to 5 hours)


Relash Replenishing Remaining Natural Lashes

(Recommended every 2-3 weeks )

*Pricing is based on time. For a full Relash please book appropriately. 

Upgrade from Classic to Volume Relash .. $150.00+

(1.5 hours)


Relash Classic ...... $85.00+

(1 hr 20 mins)

Loyalty Classic Relash .. $75.00+

(1 hr 5 mins)

Relash Volume ....$130.00+

(1.5 hours)

Loyalty Volume Relash ... $120.00+

(1 hr 15 mins)

Relash Hybrid ... $110.00+

(1.5 hours)

Loyalty Hybrid Relash.... $100.00+

(1 hr 15 mins)

Relash Mega Volume ... $145.00+

(1 hr 45 mins)

Loyalty Mega Volume ... $130.00+

(1 hr 25 mins)

Loyalty Clients earn this status by consistently booking appointments every 3 weeks in advance.





* If there are less than 1/3 of extensions left on your lashes at the time of your Relash appt. there 

may be an additional charge of $15.  If most or all extensions are gone it will be considered a Full Set.  Anything after 4+ weeks will be considered a Full Set, due to Lash Growth Cycle most of the Extensions will have grown out and have to be removed. 

Please book your appointments in advanced to avoid limited availability and extra charges.



          Mini Relash - Replenishing a limited amount (40 min session)

Mini Relash Classic ... $50.00+

Mini Relash Hybrid ..... $60.00+

Mini Relash Volume . $70.00+​

 Color Lashes

Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Glitter........................$20.00+


Designer Lashes


For those that desire a unique, fun and spiky strip lash look......$20.00


          Removal with a NEW Set..... $15.00+​


       Removal Only .... $30.00+

Lash Lift & Styling     $80.00

Perfect for those desiring a low maintenance, natural and youthful appearance. 

Our Keratin Lash Lift will give your lashes a  natural curl that will last between 4-6 weeks.  This process takes less than an hour.