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Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows frame your face, emphasize your eyes, and accentuate your facial expressions.  Looking for symmetry for your face, then you've come to the right place.  Here at Alluring LLC we are dedicated to simplifying your busy schedule and have more time to enjoy the life you deserve while looking fabulous.  Whether you are looking to achieve symmetrical brows, finding a fast makeup routine, stop the worrying of makeup smudging and having to reapply or simply wanting to enhance your natural beauty, Permanent Makeup is your beauty remedy.  The result, natural, clean and symmetrical eyebrows, eyeliner and lips perfectly shaped and colored. Effortless, consistent and always beautifully done.

Wake Up With Makeup!

Alluring LLC provides a professional and safe environment for permanent cosmetic tattooing.  Certified, Licensed and properly trained on advanced application techniques and color theory you can trust that your permanent cosmetic tattooing procedures will be done with proper care, knowledgeable experience and most importantly the client's best interest in mind.  Technician and Client will work together to create the desired look for a convenient, classic and beautiful wake up with makeup appearance.




* Highest standards of safety & protection - OSHA regulated

* Modern & gentle permanent makeup machines

* Effective topical anesthetics 

* Single use and disposable instruments

* Only top quality pigments used

* Knowledge of color theory & correction 

Permanent Makeup Services

Powder Ombre Brows .................$450.00

2 stage process includes the 1st retouch in 6-8 weeks

Eyeliner top and bottom.................$425.00

(Top or bottom only ........... $375.00)

2 stage process includes the 1st retouch in 6-8 weeks

Lash Enhancer top and bottom ..................$375.00

(Top or bottom only ............. $325.00)

2 stage process includes the 1st retouch in 6-8 weeks

Maintenance Retouch .................$250.00+

For Alluring LLC Clients only within 1-3 yrs after initial procedure

*Clients with previously tattooed procedures will need a consultation.

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