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Eyelash Education



Pretty and Alluring, Classic Lashes will give you an enhanced natural look.  A skilled technique that meticulously attaches a single synthetic eyelash extension on one natural eyelash.  Created by using between 80-120 Lashes per eye and designed to suit your eye shape.


Bold and Dramatic, Volume Lashes will definitely give you an obvious yet natural look.  Using expert techniques in hand making a fan of lashes wrapping the fan bases to a single natural eyelash for ultimate retention.  Created by using between 200-600 Lashes per eye and designed to give you a full and fluffy appearance. 


Anagen (Growing phase):  This is where the growing phase lasts for 30-45 days.  In this phase, the lash will not fall out unless it is pulled, plucked or forced.

Catagen (Transitional phase):  This is a transitional stage for the lashes.  Growth doesn't occur during this time.  The follicle of the hair isn't making any hair during this time and if the lash falls out during this time, it won't grow back unless the catagen phase is over.  This phase last for 2-3 weeks.

Telogen (Longest, lasting phase):  Losing a lash in this stage means that a new growth will occur faster because the growth cycle of the hair is not interrupted.  During this time, the hair and the hair follicles will rest and the period lasts for approx. 100 days.  In fact you can even pull out the lash gently and it will easily come out.


                       * If you can't comb through your extensions;
                 * If your eyelids are swollen and/or if you keep getting infections;
                 * If your lashes just feel painful; 
                 * If your extensions or glue are touching your eyelids; and
                 * If your extensions are clumped together...

It's time to visit Alluring LLC!!!
​Here at Alluring LLC our focus is to educate and help new clients with natural Lash Rehabilitation.  With proper home care and our expertise, we shall do our best to get your lashes back to a beautiful, healthy state.




Washing your lash extensions plays an integral part in how your lash extensions last, and how comfortable they are for you.  If you have ever experienced any itching at the eyelid (with lash extensions or not) it is likely due to a bacteria build up or clogged follicles at the root of your lashes.  Simply taking the time to daily washing of the eyelashes and eyelids keeps bacteria away, clears clogged follicles, and ensures each woman has comfortable, gorgeous, and LONG-LASTING lash extensions between Relashes.

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